Northfield Associates LLC

Large Team Facilitation

Northfield Associates’ Large Team Facilitation is used to enhance creativity and accelerate decision making and can be incorporated into many types of projects. Work sessions of 20–100 people are guided over 1–3 days to achieve specific, actionable results.

The process is deceptively simple, yet achieves quick results. Sessions are designed around four sets of carefully selected exercises that continuously build upon each other:

  • A series of “Think Far Out” activities, aimed at helping participants get away from today and think far outside of the box before beginning to think about solving today’s business challenges
  • A series of “Think Forward” activities designed to begin to connect concepts identified so far in the session with the problem to be solved
  • A series of “Think Now” activities aimed to get participants to make specific decisions about the business problem
  • The final “Plan Now” activities aim to help groups add detail to the business solution and develop the high-level plan to get there

Our Large-Team Facilitation approach has been used successfully for many purposes:

  • Strategy development
  • New program development and integration
  • Change management
  • Business process improvement
  • System specification
  • Cross-functional business problem resolution
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