Northfield Associates LLC

Operations Review and Planning
Effective performance improvement begins with clearly articulated objectives whether an operational strategy or new set of performance targets. Our Operations Review and Planning offerings help identify, prioritize and plan a single project or a portfolio of manageable and implementable projects that positions you to realize the maximum benefit from your performance improvement or strategy implementation while minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Operations Performance Review

  • Review processes, technology and organization for alignment with company or organization strategy and performance levels versus internal or external benchmarks and trends
  • Identify short-term and longer-term improvement opportunities to close performance gaps

Strategy Operationalization

  • Facilitate development of operational strategy based on an objective view of internal competencies and external trends, aligned with organizational strategy
  • Planning and prioritization of a program of strategic initiatives needed to achieve strategic objectives


  • Assess impact of new federal or state policy mandates on operations
  • Develop plans for new program, product, service and technology changes necessary to respond to changes in policy
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